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Our Story

Since April 2022, Love of God Church has accepted more than 200 refugees from Ukraine, Russia and Armenia.

Our goal was and is to help them adapt to our country. Over the course of 2 years, the Love of God Church created a separate ministry and assigned ministers and volunteers to help the refugees:


  • Complete documents (SSN, Medical insurance, ID card, fill out documents for work permit, TPS, college and school registration).

  • Help with housing. On the territory of the church there are guest houses where refugees live for free until they get a job and receive the necessary documents and can rent permanent housing.

  • In addition, all refugees were provided with everything necessary for their everyday life: food, clothing and shoes, dishes, personal hygiene products, bedroom linen, and were also provided with furniture when moving to an apartment.

  • Also, our volunteers provide their assistance with transportation; taking them to all the necessary appointments, grocery shopping, college, and etc.

  • Love of God Church organized a free English course and a Bible school especially for newcomers.

  • To get acquainted and an easier adaptation process with our environment, trips to the ocean and beautiful parks of Washington and Oregon States were organized.

  • Particular attention is paid to children; various clubs are held for them 2 times a week: drawing lessons, dancing and Bible classes. Every summer, a summer camp was organized for them.


Our church is still open to help refugees. If you do not have relatives or friends in our state, write to us at and phone number 360-977-7230. We will be happy to assist you!


Sincerely, administration of the Love of God Church.

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